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Drabble set #1

Title:  The Thought that Counts
Author: jasonsnene
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Xander/Angel
Warnings: m/m
He shouldn’t think about Angel the way he does. Xander knows that. He knows that it’s wrong. It’s hard to fight yourself, though, and Xander finds his thoughts frequently drift to the vampire and fill his mind with what ifs.
What if he’d seen Angel first? Would it have made a difference? His heart liked to imagine that it would have. That Angel would have taken one look at him and forgotten all about everything and everyone else. 
Now he just imagined that Angel would ignore all his jabs and forgive him for the past. It wasn’t likely to happen and Xander knew that. But it didn’t stop him from thinking about it.
Title: The Fluke
Author: jasonsnene
Rating: PG13
Characters: Xander, Oz
It was a fluke. It should never have happened. Then again, Xander had lived in denial for most of his life and in what he thought were his last moments, he didn’t want to deny himself anymore. 
They weren’t his last moments though and now he had to face Oz knowing that he’d betrayed his friend by kissing Willow. He loved Willow and in some ways he couldn’t regret letting her know that he loved her.
But the look in Oz’s eyes. That was excruciating. Xander had been betrayed enough to know what it felt like. Now he sat across from his friend and tried to think of some rationalization that made any sense, anything that would ease the look of pain he now faced.
Title: Quandary
Author: jasonsnene
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Xander/Spike, Willow
Warnings: m/m
For snogged:
Willow sat across from Xander in the coffee shop and sipped her chai like it was the finest wine. Xander slurped at his coffee and waited for the inquisition to begin. “So, Xan, what’s going on?”
“Um. I’m having a problem. Well, not so much a problem as a dilemma. Okay, well, dilemma might be too strong. Quandary? What exactly is a quandary anyway? I think I’ve been hanging around Giles too long. Cause doesn’t that sound like a Giles word? And so, yeah, my quandary is that I kind of, sort of, well maybe more than kind of but yeah, I like Spike.”
Willow smiled at him indulgently. “Xan, we all like Spike. It’s okay, you know. The whole ‘we hate you just because you’re a vampire’ thing has exceptions.
Xander sighed. Yeah, there were exceptions all right. 
Title:  Amazing Alex
Author: jasonsnene
Pairing: Xander/Oz
Rating: R
Warnings: M/M, stripping
Not much affected Oz. But as he sat in the Fabulous Ladies Night Club in Oxnard, he found himself very affected by the Amazing Alex. Of course, he knew him as Xander and the fact that he was onstage, with little to nothing on, was enough to stun Oz.
He moved so smoothly, and damn, he was looking good. Who knew? Oz felt his feet moving towards the stage and suddenly he was standing there, surrounding by screaming females. His gaze lifted past muscular thighs to a suspicious bulge, over defined abs to a chest that begged to be touched.
Finally, his eyes met Xander’s and he did something he’d never imagined doing before. He pulled his hotel key out of his pocket and tucked it right into Xander’s g-string. And if his hand lingered for a moment or two after that, well, some things just begged to be touched.
Tags: creator: jasonsnene, media: drabble, pairing: various, rating: adult

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