ubiquirk (ubiquirk) wrote in spring_with_xan,

The Fabulous Ladies Night Club (8/8)

Title: The Fabulous Ladies Night Club
Author: ubiquirk
Rating: R
Genre: genfic: action-adventure, humor, drama
Word Count: ~14K
Character: Xander
Disclaimer: Not mine; no money.
AN: Set between S3 and S4 of Buffy. Written for spring_with_xan . Lots of thanks to my lovely beta, firefly_124 .

Summary: The road trip that wasn’t. After graduation, Xander only makes it to Oxnard before his car breaks down, and he finds himself washing dishes at The Fabulous Ladies Night Club. Forty miles to get back home might not seem that far, but sometimes, it can take a lot to cross.

Previous parts:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

Part 8

I can't believe I finally wrote the whole thing.  Extra thanks to firefly_124, who just betaed Part 8 as soon as she got off a full day of work.

Thanks to the mods for giving us such a lovely chance to celebrate Xander and to the people who've been patient enough to read as I worked on getting the story done and posted.
Tags: creator: ubiquirk, media: fic, pairing: none, rating: mature

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