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Fic: Two Guys, a Girl and a Vampire (Spike/Xander, Andrew, Mature, Part One)

Today's my day (well one of them!) at spring_with_xan and I'm posting a new story that I've been working on. This story, Two Guys, a Girl and a Vampire is being posted today and will be concluded on Thursday May 29th. It stands on its own, but I envision this story as potentially being the introduction to a verse I've been calling in my head NYC Spander (I'm working on a cooler name). I hope you enjoy! :D

Title: Two Guys, a Girl and a Vampire
Authors: cordelianne
Chapter: 1/2
Pairing: Spike/Xander, Andrew, Female OC
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Marvel comics, alley clichés and not-fighting fighting.
Summary: In a post-Chosen/NFA, non-comics world, Xander and Andrew are living in New York City but can’t escape the world of vampires and slayers (not that they’re actually trying to!).
A/N: Thanks to savoytruffle for her fantastic beta! All mistakes are mine, and feel free to alert me to typos and such!

In which Xander’s evening does not proceed as planned
Tags: creator: cordelianne, media: fic, pairing: spike/xander, rating: teen

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