my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote in spring_with_xan,
my monkied brain

My Favorite Season Three Xander Moments (3.13)

*waves* Hi all!  I'm so excited to be back again for another day at spring_with_xan !

Some of you may remember that my last day I was doing picspam of my favorite Xander Season Three moments.... and I have my favorite Xander episode behind the cut for you today (and I'll be posting icons and some wallpapers in a bit if you're tired of the picspams). 

Ok, about this episode.  You might have guessed, it's The Zeppo!  And you might have also guessed I had a ton of trouble keeping the caps I chose down to just 8.  Instead, I give you 32 of my most favorite moments!

I hope you like!  And now, onto the Xander!

Tags: creator: katekat1010, media: graphics, pairing: faith/xander, rating: all audiences

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