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My Tribute to Xander fic I: Spike/Xander wallpapers

This is a little bit of a love letter.  Well, if letters were pictures of pretty boys made into wallpapers and virtual book covers,  and if by letter it meant that I co-opted someone else's words in order to show them how much I love them.  Except in a totally platonic way. 

So, this post is an open love letter to tabaqui and eliade and reremouse - all writers who make the Spike/Xander love burn so bright, so rich, and so beautiful.  When I'm looking for a story that I know will pick me up and steal my attention and make me smile in all of the best ways, I go back to these stories, by these authors.

And since I couldn't think of any better way to honor these fics and the wonderful authors who wrote them, I've put together book covers and wallpapers to illustrate each fic.   Under each cover graphic are links to the fic and links to the different sizes of wallpapers (if you need a size that I haven't made, please drop me a note, I'm happy to modify).  They're all sharable, of course!  And I hope every one who uses them enjoys looking at them and thinking of the fabulous fics that inspired them as much as I do.  (and seriously, if you haven't read these fics and you call yourself a Spike/Xander shipper?  Go read!). 

The quotes in these wallpapers are theirs, but the love - That I hope you'll all share!Collapse )
Tags: creator: katekat1010, media: banners, media: graphics, pairing: spike/xander, rating: all audiences

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