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My Tribute to Xander fic II: Xander/Angel, Xander/Oz & Xander/Giles /Wes walls

Just like my last wallpaper post, this is another open letter of love... this time to rakshathewolf and soft_princess and the writing duo tesla321 and dessert_first

Again, under each cover-graphic are links to the fics themselves and the sharable wallpapers.  And if you haven't read the fics?  I cannot say enough about how much you should go and try them!

I tried this fic way back in the day when I wasn't the fanfic wench I am now.  It was one of those rainy days where I'd stumbled on a recs list and decided why not.  And, here you are, a fic that's a little different and entirely sweet tale. Something about young boys, something about the wonder in this story, just touched me.  The first is a story about Oz teaching Xander a little guitar.  The second is after the cannon events from S3 with the Xander/Willowness, but is an entirely different take on the Xander/Oz reconciliation. This is the story that made me understand how very adorable these two could be with each other.

by rakshathewolf
Xander/Angel(us), NC17

1280x1024 l 1024x768

This fic crosses a lot of timelines, but the bulk of the story is set in Season 2, after Angelus makes his lovely return.  He decides he'd rather hunt Xander than Buffy, and yes, it's *that* kind of a hunt.  It's also a hurt-comfort fic of epic proportions (and actually, the only fic I feel I should include warnings about as there is rape, non-con, and some very painful material).  At the same time, the pain is also what makes the pleasure of the story so wonderful to read, and what makes the ending so happy.

by soft_princess
Xander/Giles/Wesley, NC17

1280x1024 l 1280x800 l 1024x768

This is the only fic I've presented today that's an AU - quoting from Sofy's summary:  Giles is an English Literature teacher specialized in mythology and folklore; Wesley is a book shop owner who used to be Giles' teacher assistant; Xander is a carpenter working for his own account who used to be in Giles and Wesley's class.  BUT, that tells you nothing about how magnificent this fic is.  The episodes can be taken as stand alone and complete (although Sofy may add something to them if the muse inspires her).  Now, as for the fic itself, it is hot.  Burning, sizzling hot.  Eye-crossingly hot.  And sweet, and gentle, and truly beautiful to read.  Sofy has such a gentle heart, and it shows in every line how much she loves these three gentlemen characters.
Tags: creator: katekat1010, media: banners, media: graphics, pairing: angel/xander, pairing: oz/xander, rating: all audiences

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