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Grahics Special Offer: Movie Posters

Hello fellow Xander lovers!

With permission from both of our lovely mods, I have an offer to make to all of you Xander writers out there.  I'd like to make "movie posters" for your fics.  If you haven't written the fic yet, that's fine.  If you wrote the fic ages ago, that's fine too.  If it's still a WIP, that's ok as well.

So if you'd like to have a fic poster that might turn out like this, or this, or this or some combo from those pages and out of my imagination, comment with the following below:

a) title
b) your name [ lj name, writing handle, etc ]
c) tag-line OR favorite sentence/quote from the fic [ i may edit at my discretion ]
d) characters/pairing  [ please give me at least two characters, but if you have a fic about an ensemble, tell me how much the others are in it so I can arrange them properly ]
e) link to your fic [ if it's not written yet, that's fine, just let me know ]
f) a general idea about what type of fic [ angsty, dramatic but hopeful, action adventure ] and a general summary of what happens

[ i'm screening comments in case you want to tell me about fic you're working on but don't want to share with the world ]
  • I'll be making the "posters" 415 w x 580 h, and can make you smaller "promo" sizes from the larger image if you're still posting chapters and want an intro graphic
  • must be Xander-related
  • I'll be posting my completed movie posters on my first posting day (that's April 4th), so you have to make your requests SOON
  • I'll take up to the first 15 responses!

ETA (3.28.09 1:17PM CT): THERE ARE STILL 5 REQUESTS OPEN! PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT WITH YOUR FICS! I'll update this post with the numbers through the course of the day

also, to confirm w/out having to unscreen everything, I'm currently doing requests for: whichclothes, allyndra, electricalgwen, liz_marcs, sahiya, nashmaveric, lwbush, brutti_ma_buoni, wesleysgirl&soft_princess (co-writers), and _sharvie_
Tags: creator: katekat1010, media: graphics, pairing: ?/xander

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