my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote in spring_with_xan,
my monkied brain

Graphics: 16 Movie Posters for 14 fics

Hi Xander!lovers!  About a week or so ago I offered to make movie posters for fics (either completed, WIP, or forthcoming).  Inside you'll find the results!  I hope you like looking (and perhaps reading the fic attached to them) as much as I enjoyed making them.  And if you do like the fic, don't forget to feedback your author as well.  :D

complete fics now available at livejournals near you!Collapse )

works in progress in journals now!Collapse )

coming soon! perhaps even to spring with xan!Collapse )

a special tribute to Conspiracy TheoryCollapse )
Tags: creator: katekat1010, media: graphics, pairing: giles/xander, pairing: none, pairing: riley/xander, pairing: spike/xander, rating: all audiences

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