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Kitty Alex

Birthday Cake

Author: kitty_alex
Title: Birthday Cake
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: BTVS
Disclaimer: I own nothing. I bend to Joss Whedon's will and try my best not to murder his characters.
Summary: Xander has always had bad birthdays and one day he wishes that would stop.
Warning: This is basically a PWP and crack.
Notes: Thanks to mysticsoblivion for betaing. This was for spring_with_xan. I usually have bad birthdays, but this year it's been pretty nice, so I wrote this one in correlation with my birthday.

Growing up, Xander had never had a perfect birthday and he was beginning to think he never would. His birthday was almost over and done with, but he had yet to celebrate it. There just so happened to be an apocalypse scheduled for his birthday, just his luck, and it had taken the Scoobies all of the day to prevent it. By the time they were finished, none of them felt like celebrating, Buffy especially, since she had to do all the work since Spike was nowhere to be found.

Xander didn’t want to go back to his empty apartment. Anya had left him for a rich lawyer who was much better at sex. She said she would always love him, but they both just needed to move on. She made the point of not marrying their high school sweethearts even though they had only been on a date that one time in high school before she ran off to avoid the mayor.

“Home sweet home,” Xander said as he unlocked his apartment and entered. “I wish I was in a universe where I could have a good birthday.”

He flipped on the lights and was surprised to see that it was nicely decorated with a huge banner displayed across the room reading “Happy Birthday!” There was a cake that said “Happy Birthday, Xander” sitting on the kitchen table and a brightly colored present sitting next to it. He was just about to reach for the card when Spike came rushing back into the room in only a towel.

“I thought I heard you. Trying to peek at your present?”

“Uh, Spike… did I walk into the Twilight Zone?”

“What do you mean?”

“You, here, naked in a towel.”

“If you would have given me a minute like I hinted before, I could be nicely decorated with the nipple clamps and cock ring you like so much. Give me a moment, won’t you? I’ll get dressed, then you can unwrap me and your present.”

Xander scratched his head as he watched Spike enter the bedroom and move around the cluttered mess like he had been living there for years.

“Happy Birthday!” Anya said appearing in the living room in front of Xander. “Enjoying your present?”

“My present!?” Xander asked alarmed.

“Yeah, I told you I still loved you and I thought we were still friends. Friends give each other gifts on their birthdays, right? That is the human ritual, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, Anya, that’s right, but I don’t know what my present is though.”

“I granted your wish! You’re getting a good birthday! And I thought since sex is good and there’s no one better at sex than Spike, I thought I would give you him.”

“You can’t just give people vampires for their birthdays! That’s- It’s-!”

Xander lost all train of thought as Spike came out of the bedroom. He was completely naked with a cock ring firmly attached to his cock. Connected to the cock ring were chains that led up to small clamps gripping Spike’s nipples making them red and irritated. Xander gulped as he noticed the butt plug sticking out of Spike’s ass as he turned around to shut the bedroom door, it was obviously deliberate and Xander soon found his feet moving automatically towards Spike’s compact yet muscular body.

“I couldn’t wait for you to unwrap me,” Spike said seductively. “Do you want to play with your present now?”

“Fuck…” Xander said.

“I’ll take that as a yes. Too bad, luv,” Spike said, kissing Xander’s cheek. “You have to have cake before you can play with your presents. It’s the rules.”

Spike grinned and moved away from Xander, slowly swaying his hips as he made his way for the cake. He was leaning over, either to light a candle or cut the cake, possibly just to taunt Xander some more, but whatever Spike’s intention, he soon found his chest full of birthday cake as Xander pushed him aggressively into the table.

“Fuck the cake,” Xander growled into Spike ear.

“That’s very kinky of you,” Spike teased.

Xander pulled on the chains and Spike moaned. Xander liked the reaction and pulled on the chains again. Spike bucked and rubbed his ass and plug against Xander’s clothed crotch.

“Please,” Spike moaned. “Oh, fuck, pet, please just fuck me.”

“Not yet,” Xander said. “Just want to play a bit more.”

And Xander did. He played with Spike all night, watching Spike moan and play with himself all for Xander. He fucked himself on his butt plug and played with his nipple clamps. He sucked Xander off until they were both exhausted and could barely remember each other’s names.

“Bloody Hell,” Spike panted, laying a hand on his still cake covered chest. “It should be your birthday day every day, pet.”

“We could do this every day if you wanted,” Xander said, getting his second wind and licking the frosting on Spike’s chest.

“We could,” Spike moaned. “But I doubt even you could eat that much cake.”

Xander laughed and continued to lick Spike’s chest clean. He would never tell Spike, but Anya had been one to give him the best birthday present that year. Spike had come surprisingly close, but for the gift of Anya giving him Spike, Xander had to say she was clear victor. He should find a way to thank her. He’d have to talk to Spike about a threesome.
Tags: creator: kitty_alex, media: fic, pairing: spike/xander, rating: adult

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