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Xander Harris Versus Destiny - (11/?) Spike/Xander (Mature)

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Title: Xander Harris versus Destiny (10/?)
Authors: cordelianne, reremouse, savoytruffle
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Imaginary interrogations, imaginary fry stealing, real standards
Summary: Xander's got places to be, things to do. Giles wishes Xander had given the Council a heads up. Spike figures, what the hell, the pay's good and it's not like he's got other plans at the moment.
Note: Now with fantastic movie poster by the talented katekat1010 beneath the cut. Both can be seen here. Thank you, kate!

Previous parts here.

He marinates a french fry in ketchup before popping it in his mouth, eye fixed on the door.

How did Xander end up in a world where he expects Spike to walk into an Applebee’s. A fucking Applebee’s. In Roanoke of all places.

The weird thing is he can picture Spike striding through the door, breezing by the frazzled hostess, straddling the chair across from Xander and stealing Xander’s fries.

He can also imagine Spike asking him all the questions Xander's been hoping he'll ask because it'll spare Xander the awkwardness of slipping them into casual conversation.

Or sex.

Or other places they don't belong.

Except he's not exactly ready yet for the questions which'll be something like:

Why’re you chatting up slayers.

And, Why the bloody hell’re you carrying a shrunken head around in a sock?

Also, Did you name the shrunken head Beetlejuice, you git?

Problem is, Xander doesn’t have his answers ready. It’s like all those tests in high school he didn’t study for because he was avoiding dying at the hands of evil fiends. Well, he did also jerk off instead of study. Problem is this test will be given by a cranky vampire who’s been tracking him for over a month now.

At least he’s not flying solo anymore.

Plus, it wouldn’t be that bad if Spike interrogates him during sex. He’s sure he’d spill all his Beetlejuice secrets along with his social security number, his ATM pin code and any other code. But as long as Spike also does that amazing thing he does with his tongue, Xander’s okay with it.

He pops another soggy fry in his mouth and continues to watch the door.

And wait.

But Spike hasn’t sunk low enough yet to meet Xander in a cheesy chain restaurant.

He’s waiting for Xander in the alley instead.

There’s no questions, no interrogating, no revealing of any deep dark Xander Harris secrets.

But Spike does do the thing with his tongue.

Waiting? Definitely of the good.
Tags: creator: cordelianne, creator: reremouse, creator: savoytruffle, media: fic, pairing: spike/xander, rating: mature

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