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Fic: Breaking in his Treasure (NC17, Xander/Caleb)

Title: Breaking in the Treasure

Pairing: Caleb/Xander

katrinatoc /Kat/Ryan


Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Dark Fic, Kidnapping, death of minor and major characters, rape, bondage, Sexual Torture, Mindwashing


leiadiana /Willow



Summary: He had to get his treasure away from the thieves and harlots. They couldn’t have his reward any longer.


Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Joss Whedon does. All I own is the plot.



spring_with_xan ’s Tribute to Xander.





                Caleb had spotted the young man and had instantly wanted him. Dark brown hair, full luscious lips, whiskey colored eyes, and a body built to work. When he mentioned his desire to the First, she gave him a chilling smile and told him to go and find his prize, and to hide it away from the slayers. Letting a dark chuckle fall from his lips, Caleb went to take his prize away from the harlots and thieves.




                Planning a way to lure the Slayer and her fellow kin to the vine yard was priceless. Entering the room, like lambs to the slaughter, the potentials were picked off one by one, and the Bringers latched onto his prize and dragged him to where Caleb was waiting. Licking his lips at the sight of the sweaty face and clinging clothing, Caleb had to hold back his desire to take the young man now and forget his mission. With a final, chilling laugh, he knocked the man out cold and gave a victorious grin to the horrified slayers and the potentials that remained.


                “Thank you for bringing back my prize, Slayer. I do appreciate it. Because you gave me back my treasure, I’ll let the rest of you live, for now.” With a final laugh, Caleb disappeared from the vineyard and left a group of horrified and terrified women behind.




                Xander woke up with a groan and wondered where he was. Shifting in place, he froze at the feeling of silk on his naked skin. He shot upwards to sit up, but only made it a small way up before he felt bindings holding him down. Panicked brown eyes looked around the dark room, and saw that everything was lit by candles. Before he could try and figure more out, Buffy’s musical laughter filled the room.


                “Ah, The One Who Sees is now awake. Caleb was worried that the Bringers were a bit rough with you at the Vineyard. He wants to be the one that moulds you into the man you should be.” Xander looked at “Buffy” and snarled.


                “I won’t betray my friends, and they will get me out.” A whip smacked him in the stomach and he bit back a groan of pain at the lash.


                “You should be more respectful to our Dark Messiah, Treasure.” Caleb stepped into view and licked his lips at the naked form of his soon-to-be well trained pet.


                Brown eyes flashed in anger, but Xander held his tongue, and tuned out both the First and Caleb. He would not break, and he would be rescued by Buffy. Another lash stuck and hit him on the stomach, and once more, Xander bit back the grunt of pain. He was used to beatings, and the whip was no different from his father’s fists and belts.


                Seeing that he wasn’t getting the reaction he wanted, Caleb looked towards the first and was silently given permission to “play”. If the One Who Sees wanted to play it tough, well, Caleb had much he wanted to do to the golden body on the black, silken sheets. A look of sadistic glee lit up Caleb’s face, and The First almost pitied the human. Almost.




                Caleb pulled out his box of toys and smiled at the things that were made for pleasure. Smooth plastic with bumps and vibrations would be best to torment his new pet with, and Caleb stepped forward to the bed. Forcing Xander to look at him, Caleb let him see the sadistic grin on his face as he cooed to the young, bound man.


                “You should have shown more respect lad. Now, I get to play with you however I want. I choose to make you beg me for everything and anything.” Seeing the brown eyes widen in horror, Caleb quickly untied Xander and manhandled him into an X-frame. He wanted to be able to touch all parts of his new pet, and having him suspended from the ceiling was the best place for it.


                With his new pet bound to the ceiling, Caleb began to fondle the muscular body before him. Stroking the soft cock to a nice hardness, he slipped a cock ring on to make sure that his pet would always enjoy the sensations a bit. Eventually, his pet would no longer need the restricting device, as he would be completely owned by Caleb.


                He plucked at the brown nipples on the hairless chest, and decided that he was going to shave his pet smooth. No more nasty hair anywhere but on his pet’s head. With a wicked grin, he went to get the clippers as well as a blade and shaving foam. Seeing the items, Xander was worried, and began to fidget when the hands went back to his bound cock.


                Squeezing the bound organ just past too tight, Xander stilled and whimpered; letting Caleb shave away his pubic hair, Xander jerk at the touch on his sensitive skin afterwards. His under arms were next, and Xander turned his face away to hide the shame and confusion he could feel bubbling up inside of him.


                Smirking at Xander’s plight, Caleb continued to caress and stroke the firm body beneath him, and enjoyed the trembling that was coming from the bound man. Quickly, he pinched a nipple and then soothed the young man as he gasped in pain. He continued this form of torment for over an hour before he slid a slick toy into the tight body of his pet, turning it on instantly. The reaction was priceless. Arching into the sensation Xander didn’t know whether to press into the invading object or to try and push it out. Caleb took the choice away from him as he began to roughly fuck Xander with the toy.


                The screams and mewls coming from the bound body was making Caleb’s blood sing, and he quickly changed the toy for a bigger one. After this one, he would fuck his new pet. He wanted to feel the tightness around his swelling cock, and he would make the young man take it all. He had been too well-endowed as a mortal man, and with his Master’s powers, he thickened out a bit more, and grew over another inch. So, while he had been a good nine and a half inches long and two and a half inches wide, he was now twelve inches long and five inches thick. His pet would learn to worship his cock, and take it all. His Master had promised him that his pet would eventually be able to; that and he would remember that his pet was only his as no other man had taken what was rightfully his.


                Moving behind his pet, Caleb pulled out his cock, and smirked as he remained fully dressed. Shifting the X-frame so that it would bend his pet in half, Caleb slicked his throbbing cock with the oil that was left for him by his Master. The First had told him that the oil would be absorbed into his pet, slowly making him more compliant and willing to bend to his wishes and desires. When his pet was fully his, then he would be able to use the young man to finish off the rest of the Slayer line, and to kill the Powers-That-Be. Rewards and Punishment would always be sexual; it was the pleasure or the pain that would determine if it was either.


                Pulling out the toy, Caleb wrapped his arm around Xander’s waist and positioned his cock at the loosened hole. Feeling the heat behind him, Xander began to struggle, moaning out “No”, “Don’t”, “Not that” and Caleb smiled. Pressing forward, he could feel the muscles trying to keep him out, and with a feral snarl, he slammed into the taught body ripping a primal scream of pain from his Pet.


                “It’s your own fault that hurt. You should have let me in Pet. You belong to me and only me.” Beginning the chant that needed the mixture of blood and oil, Caleb began to bind the struggling man to him as he fucked the violently spasming hole.


                With each verse and thrust, Xander could feel the betrayal of his body and he could only whimper in horror as he began to crave what the mad priest was doing to him. Moaning soon flowed out of Xander’s lips, and Caleb undid the cock ring around the base of the smooth organ. Grasping the now freed cock, Caleb began pumping the swollen flesh in time with his mad thrusts and chanting. Xander let out a piercing wail as he came once Caleb’s spell had been weaved and tied to erupting organ splitting his ass open. Panting as he felt the flood of cum filling him, Xander whimpered as a dark chuckle wrapped around him. With dawning horror, Xander noticed that Caleb was still hard and throbbing in his ass.


                “As you can see, Pet, I am not done with you yet. I will claim you until you submit to me, mind body and soul.” Xander shook as the thick cock pulled back and held still, before the occasional touch of a hand and fingers traced the stretched out ring of his once virgin hole.


                “What did you do to me?” Xander’s voice waivered as he felt himself harden at the simple touches that Caleb was bestowing on him.


                “I am simply adding more oil to my cock.”


                “No,” he moaned, “I meant the spell.” The dark chuckle filled the room again.


                “I simply bound you to me fully. I’m surprised that you never heard about losing your virginities for they bind you to the people that know the right spells if you have them.” He laughed at Xander’s fear filled gasp, “That is correct, my Pet, since you were still a virgin to male loving, and I now bound you to me fully for eternity.”


                Xander moaned in denial as the cock filling him seemed to pulse more at the idea, and he tried once more to move away, but a stinging slap sounded through the room and he whimpered in pain at the feeling of the hit on his ass. Whimpering he tried to move more but a tisking sound stopped him and saw movement from the corner of his eye.


                Picking up a cane, Caleb began to beat Xander in time with his thrusts, enjoying the screams of pain and pleasure that were flowing out of the young man. Each hit with the cane made the passage tighter and more painful, yet pleasurable, for his new Pet. Laughing as he raped the young man once more, Caleb would ensure that the young man would soon be craving his erection and his presence.


                Pulling out a sharp knife, Caleb began to inscribe another binding into the young man’s back and smirked. This binding would make the body obey the one he was bound to, no matter what. He would use it to make the One Who Sees, the perfect one to destroy the Slayer and finish his Master’s wondrous work. He might even have him bring the witch here to “play.”


                Reaching underneath the muscled body, Caleb laughed as he felt a hard cock and began to fuck the young man harder. He loved the conflicting emotions rolling off of his pet, and wanted to feel the bending and moulding of the mind under him. He would savour the pleasure that his new toy was giving him, and he would ensure that the One Who Sees would know that he was now simply a puppet until he gave in.


                Attaching a cock ring on the bound man’s arousal once more, Caleb flooded Xander’s ass with more cum before pulling out and strapping in a plug to keep the hot liquid inside him rubbing more oil on his cock, he walked around to force his cock down the man’s throat. He wanted to feel the gagging and choking around him and Caleb smirked at the horrified look on Xander’s face upon seeing the monstrous size of the cock that had been fucking him.


                “Open your mouth Pet, and get ready to service me well. I want you to swallow me down, and if you bite me, you will regret it.” Dark eyes glistened with malice as the newly dubbed monster forced its way into Xander’s mouth, and he gagged at the taste that hit his senses.


                “That’s right, take it all. I don’t care if you gag or choke, you’ll learn to deal with it in due time. Now, swallow and suck. That’s a good Pet. Breathe through your nose when I pull back, good boy.” The soft instruction lit up the markings on Xander’s back, and fearful brown eyes looked up into dark, pleased eyes of his rapist. He would hold out as long as he could, but with the betrayal of his body, Xander knew that he wouldn’t last long if Buffy didn’t save him.




                Glazed brown eyes looked around the dark room. It had been two weeks since he had been taken, but Xander no longer held any memory of his past life. All he remembered was his Master, and his Master’s Master. He was in the process of getting a name and was called either Pet or Whore. He knew that there had been something in his life before, but he had a feeling that it was without his Master. If that were true, then he didn’t want to know. His Master was his life.


                Xander whimpered as tried to find Caleb within the many tunnels of the First’s lair. Hearing voices further up, Xander was surprised to see the members of the Slayer’s gang chained to the far wall. He remembered that it was his job to dispose of the group of them, but he had to drain the Slayer’s sister of all her blood before the eyes of the others, after killing the Witch. With no more memory of the group before him, Xander took an axe and made his way to wall where the four were chained and still out cold. Bringing the axe down in a deadly arc, the Witch’s head fell to the floor with a thud.


                Caleb watched his Pet work in satisfaction and palmed himself through his pants. Perhaps he should play with his pet some more until the other three woke up and saw their dead witch. Stepping from the shadows, Xander turned and smiled happily upon seeing his Owner. Dropping the Axe away from the group Xander knelt before Caleb and looked up at him with adoring eyes.


                It had taken two weeks of training to get those eyes to look at him with anything other than hatred or blankness, but Xander had finally submitted fully to him, and now his Pet would only ever look at him with eyes like this.


                The Slayer and her group would finally know that only true darkness would succeed, and only upon seeing him taking their beloved “Xander” while they were chained and helpless simply made it all that much sweeter. The powers of the Key would be theirs, and there would be no more Slayers, or Watchers to prevent the Old Ones from returning. Perhaps he would take the last step into becoming a demon, simply so that he could keep his Pet from the hands of the harlots and thieves of the Demon world.


                Stripping his boy bare, Caleb sunk into the permanently tight heat and smirked at the whimpers that poured from his boy. The chained ones slowly woke and watched in horror as their friend was claimed before their eyes. They looked towards Willow, and screamed at the decapitated body that hung in chains as Caleb filled his boy to the brim, and plugged him before letting him finish his last task before he earned his name.


                “Now, Pet, you know what you have to do. These harlots tried to keep you from me for many years, and they must be punished.” The dark voice slithered over Xander’s senses and he stepped forward to drain the Key of her blood.


                “Xander, it’s us! We’re your friends!” The Blonde Slayer was yelling at him as he hooked her “sister” up to the machine that would drain her dry.


                As the machine worked, he gave the elder man a quick death, simply stabbing him in the heart, and using a fast acting poison. For some reason, he didn’t want the man to suffer anymore. The Slayers shrieked, and just as quickly, the dark haired Slayer was killed. They had been the last two left, as all the potentials had finally been killed. Villages and towns were gone as more and more potentials had been removed from the equation. The Blonde Slayer watched in horror as her sister slowly lost the spark in her eyes and died, turning into a shrivelled husk before she saw blank brown eyes looking at her, and a grinning Caleb and First standing behind the one who killed her other friends.


                “Why him? Why did you do this to him?” Her voice was filled with sadness and suppressed sobs.


                “It is simply because, as the One Who Sees, he is much more useful to us that you. That and all he knows are us.” With that, Xander decapitated Buffy and he was pulled back into the arms of his Master.


                “Kneel Pet, we shall give you your name as soon as I give your Master his final reward for his duties.” The First smiled, and Xander watched in awe as his master turned into a large Sividia with black wings.


                “You shall be named Cassius; however, you can lose this name at any time.” With that the First left to deal with the world It now controlled, leaving the newly named Cassius with his Master.


                Caleb leered down at his pet and dragged him to their rooms, he would have to see the limits of this new body, and make his boy accept it all. With that Caleb began to train his Pet again, letting the minions shudder in envy at the fact that Caleb had such a pretty Pet.




Tags: creator: katrinatoc, media: fic, pairing: caleb/xander, rating: adult

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