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Fic: Matching Chaos (Ethan/Xander, NC-17)

Author: katrinatoc 
Title: Matching Chaos

Pairing: Ethan/Xander

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Sex, Mind control, dub-con, Kidnapping, D/s, bondage


Summary: Ethan was surprised, but pleased, to see who had answered his summons.


Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Joss Whedon does. All I own is the plot.


AN: spring_with_xan ’s Tribute to Xander.




               Ethan was surprised to see who had knocked on his door. Three days ago, he had sent out a magical pulse to attract the most chaotic human to his door, so that he could help his God in getting more power. He never expected Ripper’s lad to show up and fidget in place while glaring at him.


                “Well, this is surprising.” Ethan purred as he pulled the young man into the apartment when he was setting up his ritual to Janus.


                “What did you do to me?!” The question was hissed and the tone was brimming with fury and fear.


                Letting Xander walk into the flat – well, apartment here in America – Ethan adjusted himself, as the young man was simply brimming with Chaos energy; enough to fuel Janus for months.


                “Strip boy.” Before Xander could tell Ethan to fuck off, he froze at the feeling of undressing himself.


                “You’re probably wondering why you are doing everything I say – and I said strip, so that means everything – and why you can’t counteract my orders.” A wicked leer lit up Ethan’s face, “It’s a simple obey charm, one that hunted the person with the most Chaotic energy around them in this town. Colour me surprised, but I am pleased that it’s you.”


                Xander glared at the man before him and tried to hit him, but his body still wouldn’t obey him. It even stopped him from covering himself from the heated look set his way.


                “You see, you have the perfect body to please Janus, and I plan to milk you for all the joy that Janus could receive. You see, I have to keep you now, simply because Janus wills it.” Grabbing the soft cock hanging between sculpted legs, Ethan began to play with the sensitive organ and was rewarded by it stiffening quickly.


                “Stop it.” Xander tried to sound forceful, but the tone was meek and young sounding.


                “Oh, I won’t stop, and you will enjoy it all. You even crave it.”


                Xander began to freak out as soon as he began leaning into Ethan’s touch and tried to fight the compulsion. What he wasn’t told was that the harder he fought it, the better hold it had of him. Ethan was pleased that Xander didn’t know this, and that it gave him a link into the mind of the young man. He would soon control the boy, and thus Janus would have a limitless supply of energy to do his bidding.


                Ethan grinned in triumph as brown eyes glazed over. Leading the young protégé of his old friend over to the Alter that he had set up in the other room, Ethan was pleased to see that Xander didn’t need prompting to climb onto the stone slab. Casting a spell to mask the magic that would happen in his home, Ethan began to prepare his newest toy to be taken by the statue of Janus before he could take the lad himself.        Biting back his moan as he stretched the virgin passage, Ethan positioned Xander so that when he sat down, he would be filled with the statues cock.


                “Sit down slowly boy, and feel the burn. Dedicate your energies to Janus, and to be wielded by his High Priest Ethan Rayne.” Ethan let the lust he was feeling colour his tone and Xander moaned as he lowered himself, feeling the stretch and repeating Ethan’s orders.


                A white and blue light swirled around Xander and channelled into the statue. With every rise and fall of the controlled man, the statue seemed to glow brighter and brighter until Xander let out a scream of pleasure and came over the Alter. Laughing darkly at the shining bust, Ethan pulled Xander off of the statue and pulled his cock out of his pants. Slamming into the loosened passage, Ethan used the body beneath him for his own pleasure and release.


                “Oh yes, I will enjoy having you as my pet lad – a tight ass, a well sculpted body, and such a dirty mind – this makes you the perfect candidate for me to own. You’ll enjoy everything I do to you, and you’ll be begging me for more.” As Xander began to beg and moan, Ethan let out a devious chuckle and fucked the stretched hole faster and harder. He wanted to mark the boy as his, and the sooner the better.


                Filling Xander with cum, Ethan plugged the hole and smacked the bubble butt before him and had the young man follow him. Strapping him into a harness, Ethan positioned Xander so that he as bent over, legs spread far apart, and his head was below his knees. He made sure that Xander could no longer move from that position and smirked at his handy work. Taking several pictures, Ethan mailed them to his old friend and magicked the whole contents of his home to his favourite place in London. Placing the statue in an unbreakable case, Ethan went back to training his newest toy. He wanted to hurt Ripper the next time he was in by having him see Xander willing bend over for his own cock.




                It was two years before Ethan made his way near Ripper and his Slayer’s troupe. Having Xander linked to Janus awoke a latent seer talent, and it prevented Ethan from being given over to the American Government as a test subject. Ethan had rewarded Xander for the positive use of his gifts, and wrote down every single premonition and prophecy that Xander uttered.


                As it was, Ethan knew that his old friend was setting up shop in Cleveland of all places, and had a house full of teen-aged girls to mould. Dragging his Pet into a closet, Ethan spelled the room and quickly fucked his toy. He needed to keep his pet filled with cum while they were around Ripper, since it would reassure the young lad that he was all that Ethan needed. If they tried to separate them, Xander would slowly die. It was perfect, for Janus didn’t want anyone else to get his prized energy boost, and Ethan refused to abandon the lad when he was such a good fuck.


                Plugging Xander once more, Ethan led the way to the car rental agency and quickly drove to a secluded spot so that he could claim Xander on his home soil once more. Deciding to make his claim by the new Hellmouth, Ethan drove the way in silence before pulling out into the park where the gateway was thought to be. Getting out and roughly putting Xander into place on the still hot hood of the car, Ethan pushed Xander’s shorts down and pulled out the plug before slamming back in. They would visit Ripper tomorrow; he wanted to fuck his toy into exhaustion and wake up to fuck him again.


                He was glad that he had such a high sex drive now that he was linked to Xander. It allowed him so much more fun with his pet. Plugging Xander once more, he let the young man settle in the car before driving to their hotel. Once he got their room, Ethan practically dragged Xander up the stairs to claim the boy a few more times before the taunting began.




                Rupert Giles sighed and looked at the picture on the wall. It was the last photo he had of Xander before he disappeared. He poured himself another glass of scotch as he remembered Xander coming to him and asking for help the day before he vanished.




                “Giles, I need your help!” Brown eyes looked around the ex-Watcher’s apartment wildly.


                “What now Xander, I’m busy.” Sighing at the remaining panicked look on the young man’s face, Rupert waved at one of the chairs.


                “It feels like something is waiting to trap me. Everywhere I go, the feeling gets stronger and stronger.”


                Giles sighed and looked at Xander in exasperation.


                “Honestly Xander, we live on a Hellmouth, but not everything is out to get us. Come see me in a few days if the feeling continues, but let it go for now.” With that, Giles ushered a flabbergasted and betrayed Xander from his apartment and went back to his research.


End Flashback


                Xander was never seen again after that day, and Rupert felt the guilt eat at him. It seems that whatever had been watching Xander took him as soon as he had brushed off the concerns of the younger man. He should have realized that Xander would only come to him if the feeling had been going on for several days already.


                Sighing once more, Rupert removed his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose. The others didn’t realize something was wrong until a month had passed and Spike asked where Xander had been. Buffy scoffed and was about to say that Xander was in the room before she caught onto the look of worry that Spike was trying to hide.


                Dawn spoke up and said that Xander had been gone for a month, and it was sad that neither Buffy nor Willow had even noticed that Xander had vanished. Anya had huffed off within the first week of Xander’s disappearance and had tried to call vengeance on Xander, but was rebuffed because Xander had been taken against his will. When she heard that, Anya left with the sole purpose to hunt down the person that took her Xander from her.


                A message had been sent a week later with the pictures of Anya’s death.


                Just as he was about to think deeper into Dawn and Spike’s hyper awareness of Xander, from that time, a knock filled his office. Getting up slowly, Rupert got up to answer the door, and was shocked to see Xander wrapped around a smug Ethan Rayne.


                “Hello Ripper. Did you miss us?” It was the last thing Rupert heard before darkness took over his vision.




                Rupert woke to the sound of flesh hitting flesh and pleasure filled moans. Looking around the room, Rupert didn’t know where he was and was shocked upon finally seeing where the noises were coming from. Xander was naked and riding Ethan’s cock, he was also begging and moaning at his old friend to claim him hard.


                Getting up slowly, Rupert was slowly filling with rage. What did Ethan do to Xander? What did he do to make sure that Xander was so dependent on him? Before he could speak, he noticed a glowing statue in a closed glass display case. Looking at it for a moment, Giles was shocked to see that it was a fully proportioned statue of Janus.


                Turning back to the Chaos mage, Rupert snarled as he watched Xander shudder out his release and Ethan fill him with his own before plugging the boy. Dark eyes held smugness, a glint of madness and power that made Rupert hold back his first reaction to beat the shit out of Ethan.


                “Why did you take Xander; out of all the people in the world, why him?” Giles grit his teeth together and Ethan smiled.


                “Ripper, I saved the boy. He was being trussed up for a sacrifice by a group of Faryl demons and Vampires. I could hardly let such a powerful person be used simply to be food for a higher demon. However, I only got there after the boy had lost his mind and memories. So I took him in.” Ethan leered at Xander, “I taught him many things and brought him back to health. When he got his memories back, he decided to stay.”


                “Xander?” Giles wanted to hear it from the boy he had known.


                “He’s telling the truth Giles. He saved me, and did everything he could for me, when you and the others didn’t care.” The bland tone hurt more than the words spoken and Giles nodded sadly.


                Looking around the room once more, Giles pondered where he was until Ethan chuckled.


                “We brought you with us when you passed out Ripper. Now, if you want, we can send you back. Xander simply wanted to let you know that he was alive and happy.” Ethan spoke and Giles had to fight back his instinct to take Xander and run, before nodding.


                A flash of light later, Giles was gone, and back in his office. Ethan turned to his toy with a dark grin and bound him to the frame hidden in the hidden room. He wanted to play with his stolen toy, and to fuck the boy until he bled.


                Removing the plug once more, Ethan slammed his way home, still fully clothed, and set a punishing pace. Drinking a bottled potion, Ethan grinned sadistically as he felt his erection lock into a perfect hardness and kept pounding away. He could cum as many times as he wanted in the next sixteen hours, but he would never lose his erection. His pet would be hurting for days, as he wouldn’t stop using the hard body for his pleasure.


                The statue pulsed in pleasure as Ethan took the boy, soon Janus would be able to take over the Chaos Mage’s mind, and the boy would be his for eternity. ‘Enjoy the tightness and fucking while it lasted,’ Janus thought, ‘Soon the boy would be mine, and you no more Ethan Rayne. Be mindful of how much power you give to your God in the future.’




Tags: creator: katrinatoc, media: fic, pairing: ethan/xander, rating: adult

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