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Welcome to the 2010 season here at spring_with_xan!! reremouse and I (cordelianne) are all fired up for another awesome celebration of Xander!

Important stuff first! Here’s the dates you’ll need to know:

Sign-up Period: Sunday March 21, 2010 to Wednesday April 14 (and continuing throughout the fest, if there are blank days)

You’ll note that the fest is starting a little later this year. Unfortunately life’s been crazy for both of us recently and because we’re just getting a chance to post for signups now, we want to give you all enough time to prepare your contributions. The Xander spring lovin’ is from April 15th to June 1st. We plan to double up on days if need be so that everyone who wants to post, gets to post! We’re all about the multiple expressions of Xander love here! We may look at extending the fest if there’s lots of demand for days. Also, there’s going to be three free-for-all days: Thursday April 15, Saturday May 15 and Tuesday June 1st to provide more opportunities for everyone to post!

Posting Dates: Thursday April 15, 2010 to Tuesday June 1, 2010

There are many ways to celebrate Xander here. You can post:

- One shot fic
- A drabble (or drabbles!)
- Art
- A vid
- A chaptered story
- Finish a WIP
- An esssay about Xander (eg. your favorite Xander scenes, why you like Xander, etc.)
- Recommend your favorite Xander stories ever and share why
- A fanmix
- Co-written and collaborative projects
- Or any combination of the above!

You have an idea that’s not on the list? Ask us when you sign up or email us at


If you’re looking for inspiration, you can request prompts from the moderators when you sign up! So although this isn’t a ficathon, and you aren’t required to use prompts, we want the option available for those of you who want to participate but are still waiting for that idea to spark!

How will this work? When you signup below you will have the option to include a prompt request. You are not required to use the prompts we provide. They're to inspire you, either directly or indirectly.

Complete your Work In Progress Here:

Yep, we still welcome WIPs! Do you have a WIP that’s been languishing and you’d like to finish it? Well, you can sign up and use those dates as inspiration to complete your fic!

You must post the final chapter (or chapters) to the comm (and link to previously posted ones) by the end of the season. As with WIPs, writing a fic in an existing 'verse is allowed provided that what's posted works as an 'end' should the author never write more in that 'verse.

You need to post the final chapter by the last posting day (June 1st).

Three Posting Free-For-All Days:

Thursday April 15, Saturday May 15 and Tuesday June 1 are free-for-all days! What does this mean? Everyone who's got something, post something. Make these days spammy orgies of Xander!

Now for the less fun, but very important Rules:

Our rules are listed on the profile page here. By signing up for this season, you are agreeing that you’ve read and will be abiding by them.

We’d appreciate if you’d take the time now to click over and read them, refresh yourself with them and click back. Thanks!

A couple of things we want to emphasize (some of which aren’t rules per se):

An important rule: If you did not post last season and did not provide 24hrs notice to your mods, or were removed for violating another rule, you will not be able to sign up for a day this year. However, you will be welcome to participate on the free-for-all days and will be welcome back next year.

Don’t worry about tagging, we’ll be doing that this year!

Please try to get your fic beta'ed before posting – your readers (and your mods) will be most appreciative!

Adult Content Settings:
If posting adult concepts or explicit adult content you must:
a) Label your post appropriately with ratings and (if applicable) warnings.
b) Select the appropriate LJ filter, ie. Either “adult concepts” or “explicit adult content.” It is your responsibility to ensure you do this when posting to the community.

What’s Not Allowed and What Is:
Underage sex and bestiality are a no-go here. If you are writing a teen romance that’s rated teen or less, that’s absolutely fine.

Because of our shorter time frame, we’re going to ask that you structure your requests in a different way: Please provide three dates in order of preference and also the total number of days you actually want to have to post on.

The days will be granted on a first-come, first-serve basis so it’ll still be best to see if your first choice is already listed as someone else’s. We will work to fill all the days first, and then we will look at the possibility of doubling up and having people share posting days.

Also if we know how many days you’d like total, that will ensure we give you the amount of days you’d like. Please choose up to a maximum of 3 days.

If you have any questions, email us at

Please include the following in your comment:
1st Date preference:
2nd Date preference:
3rd Date preference:
The number of days total you want (1, 2 or 3 days):

If you want us to give you prompts, also include the following:
Form: (story/art/vid/nonfiction)
Characters or pairings you like to write:
Characters or pairings you don't like to write:
Things you like to write:
Things you don't like to write:
Anything else you do or don't want?

Now comment to this post and sign up!

The Master List

April 15: Free-for-all day!
cordelianne - Favourite Xander Scenes, all audiences

April 16: Free-for-all day!
cordelianne - Favourite Xander Quotes, all audiences
katekat1010 - Graphics Special Offer: Movie Posters [offer closed]
katekat1010 - Random Xander Graphics, all audiences

April 17: emelye_miller - The Bet, Chapter 1/3, Spike/Xander, Mature
April 18: drsquidlove - Wide open arms of hell - part 1 and Wide open arms of hell - part 2/2, Giles/Xander, Teen
April 19: anyjay - Phone Tag, Xander/OFC, Teen
April 20: illusionofdepth - No post.
April 21: tymbur - To Hell and Back, Prologue and Part 1, Angel/Xander, Mature
April 22: managerie - By Rook or By Crook Part 1 of 2, Crossover with Castle, no pairings, teen
April 23: tymbur - To Hell and Back, Part 2, Angel/Xander, Adult
April 24: heuradys - Xander hand icons, Season 5, part 1, Season 5, part 2 and Season 6, part 1, no pairings, all audiences
April 25: heuradys - Xander hand icons, Season 6, part 2, Season 7, part 1 and Season 7, part 2, no pairings, all audiences
April 26: tymbur - To Hell and Back, Part 3, Angel/Xander, Adult
April 27: secondalto:
April 28: tymbur - To Hell and Back, Part 4, Angel/Xander, Adult
April 29: tymbur - To Hell and Back, Part 5a and Part 5b and Epilogue, Angel/Xander, Adult
April 30: whichclothes and sentine - The Smallest Mask, Part 1 and Part 2/2, Spike/Xander, Adult
May 1: bmblbee - White Horse, Xander/multiple, Xander/Spike, Adult
May 2: emelye_miller - The Bet, Chapter 2/3, Spike/Xander, mature
May 3: dipenates - Near Enna's Walls is a Deep Lake, Xander & Buffy, mature
May 4: lusciousxander - Points of View, Xander, ensemble, teen
May 5: attackoftheburn -
May 6: sirenwater - No post.
May 7: samueljames - At Your Feet, Spike/Xander, adult
May 8: xbitexmyxlipx - Xander icons and wallpaper, all audiences
May 9: angelsrebellion
May 10: dark_dreymer
May 11: dark_dreymer
May 12: dark_dreymer
May 13: xbitexmyxlipx
May 14: whichclothes and sentine
May 15: Free-for-all day!
May 16: whichclothes and sentine
May 17: naughty_fae
May 18: heavenlyxbodies
May 19: anyjay
May 20: angelsrebellion
May 21: xbitexmyxlipx
May 22: brutti_ma_buoni
May 23: katekat1010
May 24: katekat1010
May 25: attackoftheburn
May 26: strickens_girl
May 27: angelsrebellion
May 28: selene2 and seductivembrace
May 29: hari_kari
May 30: lusciousxander
May 31: emelye_miller
June 1: Free-for-all day!

Bookmark this post for a list of links to each day's posts after the season ends.
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