January 19th, 2006

As many as you can

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Hi! Spring's not here yet, but we'd like to keep your interest, as well as keep the site kind of interesting for repeat visitors. You may have notice the "Xander Quote of the Week" over on the left there. We'd like to keep that updated with the wittiness or babble that makes our boy special.

So... If you have a favorite Xander quote this is how it works:

1. We'll use anything from canon. If Xander said it, or even if it was said about him, reply here with the quote.

2. If it's from fanfic, and that fanfic is yours, reply here with a quote and a link. (We want to read it, if it's a good Xander quote. *grin*)

3. If it's not your fanfic, and you want to pimp the quote, you MUST have the permission of the author, first. The best way I can think of to verify that is to get them to reply to your comment saying it's okay. If someone has a better Idea, let me know. Oh, and again, include a link so we all can enjoy. :)

Don't be afraid to message me or email me or the community if you have any questions. I'm really a very friendly ogress. :)
As many as you can

Mod Hat stuff.

In response to a question asked in my journal I'd just like y'all to know that posting access will be turned on on your day. We want this journal to be about Xander, not the business end. Until then, if you have a question or one of those excellent suggestions that have been helping us out so much, and it can't be handled in a comment, please email it to:


That goes to both tsavoritegarnet and myself, piratepurple, so whoever is home at the time will see to you soonest.

I see that our 'Council of Watchers' has reached 38 as of a few minutes ago. That's 36 people more than I ever expected. Very cool guys. Thanks.