March 19th, 2006

Xander drabble call for Spring_with_Xan

Hello, I'm slated to kick off the love for one of my favorite characters, the wonderful and gorgeous Xander Harris. I'd like to thank piratepurple & tsavoritegarnet for creating this community.

Would you like a drabble featuring Xander? Any pairing. Please give me an idea of what you want. Angst, sexy, a prompt word. You may also ask for any of my stories featuring Xander. If you can't think of a pairing, check out the user page for spring_with_xan for suggested pairings for the white knight!

I will take the first nine people as I already promised one as a birthday gift.

I will also, hopefully, be posting a Xander story a week from today.

Drabble call requests here

ETA: the drabble request is now full, I'm sorry to say. Thank you everyone who asked for one and look for them to be posted tomorrow!