March 20th, 2006

First five Xander drabbles for Spring_with_Xan

The first of eleven drabbles I will post today celebrating Xander Harris on request. I hope you enjoy!

In this collection of 100 word drabbles:

vamp!Xander/sire Spike NC 17 for outsideth3box.
Clueless!Xander seduced by panther Spike NC 17 for _sharvie_.
Xander/vampire Jesse NC 17 for strickens_girl.
Xander/Tara rated G for bubble_blunder.
Xander/Gunn, post NFA, rated G for ebonypsyche.

Xander drabbles

Three more Xander drabbles for Spring_with_Xan--featuring sub!Xan

Three more Xander drabbles for my day of spring_with_xan. Hope everyone is enjoying it!

In this collection of sub!Xander:

Angel/Xander NC 17 dark/sexy/discovery for ladydey.
Xander/Spike NC 17 D/s innocent!Xander seduced by hot Spike from Obsessionverse for sparrow2000.
Xander/Giles NC 17 D/s Xander/Giles dark/sexy for fannishnej.

Three Xander Drabbles

Last three Xander drabbles for Spring_with_Xan

And this completes my day with spring_with_xan. I hope you all enjoyed. Look for my second day on the 26th of March with hopefully some fic.

In this collection of 100 word drabbles:

Vampire Xander/Puppy Angel from wishverse NC 17 for nimenic.
Xander/Oz from Seductionverse NC 17 for raphe1.
Xander/Giles PG 13 for zgirl714

Last three Xander drabbles