March 21st, 2006


Oxnard To Glory 1/4 (Spike/Xander - Mature)

In a universe where the Master never killed the Slayer, and the Scoobies survived graduation with a little more innocence and a lot less tarnish, Xander still never made it past Oxnard.

Oxnard To Glory
A prologue by tabaqui and reremouse

Chapter one: The Freshman through The Initiative.

In which Xander comes home. And out.
Xander seeing everything

Life Overfloweth!

So there's a lamb living in my house, going to town by day with me, jumping over my dog, and so forth. piratepurple had her ceiling fall on her last night due to a stupid upstairs neighbor. (she's fine other than wanting to take out a few aggressions on the neighbor, and the landlord will fix the ceiling.) We're a little overwhelmed and swamped. This is why there may be a delay in answering posting requests and questions.

We've had a few requests for duplicate posting dates recently, mostly on the farther out side of things. So we're opening up the month of May. Comment here with a date you would like, and I'll add you to the master (ahem, mistress) list. Or comment there. Comment. Tell us. We'll fit you in. Hell I'll go as far as the day before the summer solstice if someone wants it and still call it "Spring". And it'll be spring in the other hemisphere after that. So May is officially available, let us know what day you'd like, please.