March 27th, 2006


Assorted Xander Drabbles, Seasons 1-7

Multiple Xander drabbles for your entertainment, posted in chronological order. They’ve already been posted to my journal, but tsavoritegarnet said that was okay, since they were new to her. *grin*

I tried to do multiple cuts for the seven drabbles, and to post all of them here in one entry, but failed dismally. I think there is some mystery to LJ that eludes me. Please follow the fake cuts to the individual drabbles, and accept my apologies for not being able to get it right. Ratings and warnings are included in each link.

Disclaimers: This statement applies to all parts of this post. Characters from BtVS are creations and property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy; I do not own them or profit from them in any way. If you choose to disregard ratings and warnings, peeking behind the cuts when you know you are underage or that the subject matter might upset you, that’s entirely your choice and your responsibility. I accept none. Nor blame, neither!
In Season All The Time – Xander/Buffy – S 1 The Pack (Adult – graphic description/language, het, attempted rape)

Time to Fish or Cut Bait – Xander – S 2 Go Fish (All Ages)

Peer Pressure - Xander/Cordelia – S 2 Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered (Teen – language, implied het)

The Totally-Given-Up-Hope-Portion - Xander/Willow – Season 3 “Lovers Walk” (Teen, het )

Orientation - Xander – S 4 Something Blue (Teen, het/slashy thoughts)

Vikings - Xander/Anya – S 5 The Replacement (Teen, implied het)

There to See It - Xander – Season 7 “Dirty Girls” – Adult (language, torture, mutilation, and irony for days)
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This is specifically for mandylynn4, but I'm sure other people might like to know this as well.

I am both a part time content editor and a freelance writer and would happily beta.

email me at or comment on my livejournal page.

If anyone else would like to offer themselves up as a beta, this is a good place to comment.

Also, there is nobody down for today. I have a story that will be chaptered, and I could post some today so there's not a blank day. What do you guys think? ETA:Tricksy tsavoritegarnet! There's no-one on the Mistress List, but apparently it is vikingprincess's day. My apologies.

Also voleuse has had to give up her day, March 30th, for personal reasons. Does anyone want it? I can always post another chapter then, if no-one takes it.

Anyway, the contributions so far have been absolutely smashing!! *hugs all of you* Thanks guys!

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