March 28th, 2006

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FIC: Hearts in the Balance (1/?)-- S/X-- eventual NC-17

Hellooooo... and welcome to my (first) posting day for spring with Xan. *grins*

This fic is a WIP, but I have 13 parts finished and hope to have the rest done by the end of the day, RL permitting. If not, I'll post the rest on my second posting day (April 11). If I DO finish this today, I have a second fic (also a WIP, LOL) to post then.

Now, on with it, yes?

Oh, and FB is VERY appreciated. Also, if anyone wants to archive this OR any other of my fics, feel free. Just let me know where. :)

Title: Hearts in the Balance (1/?)
Authored by: Tisienne Blue (aka tistoo on LJ)
Pairing: S/X
Rating: NC-17, eventually. (Yes, ‘eventually’ IS one of my favourite words. LOL)
Disclaimer: Joss said they were mine… no really. Uh… crap. No he didn’t. *grumps*
A/N: My brain is a place which is both scary AND weird. Just in case you guys hadn’t figured that out yet. *snerk* Set early in season 7 (Buffy); quickly goes AU. In like paragraph one… or maybe two.

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FIC: Hearts in the Balance (7/?)-- S/X-- NC-17 overall

Written for spring_with_xan for my first posting day (March 28th, 2006).

I am NOT Joss Whedon.

Previous parts found HERE

Archived on my lj tistoo

Others who want...? Tell me, then take and have. *grins*

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* * * * * * * *

And on that note, I'm off to the bed I should have been in 3 hours ago. Hope you guys like what's up so far and I'll TRY to finish this (or at least post the other parts that are done) later today.

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FIC: Hearts in the Balance (11/?)-- S/X-- overall NC-17

You guys know the drill. *grins*

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Hmmm... am I evil enough to stop posting now...? *ponders*

Well, yeah. I am. *wicked grin*

Okay, okay... I'll post the last bits (the porny ones) later tonight.

Haven't had time to write today, so that'll be it until the 30th... and then that'll be it til April 11th. LOL