April 5th, 2006

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Title: Going Soft (1/1)
Pairing: Spike/Xander, mentions of Spike/Buffy and Xander/Anya
Rating/Warnings: Um, probably R, maybe NC-17 for sexual content? But really, nothing too kinky. Just boys finding their way to each other.
Words: 3,117
Disclaimer: So, the other day, I was cruising the internet and came across this story, The Light of Her Eyes, by Joss Whedon. So I start reading, and I'm like, "Gasp! Mary Sue would never make Becky Jo do that in the boys locker room! My characters don't even own a strap-on! How could he write something like that about them?" And then I figured, well, he doesn't sue me when I borrow his characters, so I guess it's okay.

Many thanks to my lovely betas! To celticseductres, for her fast and encouraging response, and fydyan for a wonderfully thorough critique which helped shape this final incarnation.

It wasn't that Spike had anything against sleeping with men...
Chest of Spike

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Title: Bitten
Warnings:Dark themes
Notes: Beta'd by the wonderful spikeslovebite and entrenous88; completed with encouragement from raemcn who held my virtual hand during the writing process and told me yes I could write Spander.

Summary: An investigation into Riley's suspicious behavior reveals Xander's own dark and hidden desires.

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