April 7th, 2006

Spring With Xan Ficlet Call!

*waves shyly* It appears to be my day here on spring_with_xan. I'm afraid that with my constant state of being muddleheaded and racing to keep up with deadlines, I haven't prepared anything in advance.

To make up for that, I'd like to issue a ficlet call. Whatever you like, written to request today.

I believe I could take five, if that many were interested.

Just remember that Xander! :-)

More Drabbles!

A few more drabbles by request... these are all slash. I'll make a post with the one het ficlet in a moment.

Thanks for putting up with me.

Here we have:

For woman_of_, Spike/Xander with the prompt of:
Collapse )

For jans_intentions, a bit of Xander/Oz fluff... hope the dogsitting is going better!

Collapse )

For fanbot, who asked to find out exactly why Xander was fired from his job at the sex line in "The Yoko Factor":

Collapse )

I know these tank. I'm sorry.