May 19th, 2006

Sexy-sweet faith

The beginning of the end (well in my case)

Hi all *waves*

Title:May 19th 
Author: ebonypsyche
Summary: Xander is determined to wake Spike up.
Notes: this is just a little schmoopy drabble. I just wanted to do something that was non-angsty and this came out. Unbeta'd and all that jazz

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OK so now I'm issuing a drabble call. Give me a pairing and a prompt or theme. First seven or 7 p.m. EST- whatever come first  ^_^
me part 2

In the nick of time....

... I finished almost all of my drabble calls. I got one from vikingprincess  about 20 mintues ago but as I am currently running around like a chicken without a head, I don' t think I'll be able to do it today . *pout* 

but these I finished earlier but due to the above simile, I just got a little break to post them up now. 

This is for the darling jans_intentions. I had two drabbles in my head for your pairing. Of course me being me the first one is angst loaded with no hope of parole.

Title: Vampire

Pairing: Angel/Xander

Rating: PG

Notes: Um this would be an AU S1 I guess. That's about it.

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Title: Walking home

Pairing: Angel/Xander

Rating: PG-13

Notes: Um this would be an AU S2 I guess. That's about it.



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Ok so this one was a challenge for me (hence the shortness) but sublimatedangel wanted a self love “explicit” fic with out a pairing. Yes I got inspiration from 40 days and 40 nights staring Josh Hartnett. So I own none of that.


Pairing: Xander/his hand

Rating: NC-17

Notes: Just pick a job with a bathroom- any job.

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