May 31st, 2006


Various Xander Fics, and Open For Requests

It's my birthday, but I come bearing gifts. I haven't finished the three stories that I had planned to post today, because I didn't have the season 6 episodes I needed for reference, among other reasons...

Instead, I am offering up some older stories that you may or may not have seen before, and I am taking requests for drabbles/ficlets. I will attempt any pairing or situation: gen, het, or slash; Just tell me who, and offer a short prompt (no more than 5 words long).

Vigil - Spike/Xander :: PG
Spike holds a midnight vigil. (Season 4)

Coke and Sympathy - Xander/Tara (X/A, W/T) :: R
Post-Hell's Bells. Contains spoilers for all episodes to that point (specifically Family 5.6 and Hell's Bells 6.16)

Home Series
Home 1: You Can't Go Home Again - Xander/Riley :: NC-17
Riley returns to Sunnydale, post Season 5. It's not quite the homecoming he expected.

Home 2: Keeping Secrets - Xander/Riley :: NC-17
Xander is getting good at keeping secrets.

Home 3: Kiss the Rain - Xander/Riley :: NC-17
It's raining, and its time for Xander to let go.