May 2nd, 2008


Missing Series *Complete*

Title: Missing Series (Post 3-Parts 16-17) *Complete*
Author: Jasonsnene
Pairing: Xander/Spike/Angel
Rating: NC17 (just to be safe but most parts aren’t there)
Warnings: M/M, non-con, violence, implied torture
Summary: Anya is convinced that Xander is giving away her orgasms and retaliates by selling him into slavery. He’s rescued, but he isn’t the same, and his friends learn that Xander is very good at keeping secrets. 

Previous Parts in my memories here.

A/N: Here it is! The last couple parts!! But I just haven't had enough Xander lovin' so I've posted a Xander drabble call today and if you'd like one, just comment here and I'll do my darndest to get them all done before my day runs out. Xander with anyone. :D

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