May 25th, 2008

fic: our fingers to our toes

Author: me.
Pairing: xander/angel.
Rating: PG13, for language and similar things.
Summary: from the prompt, "Angel's rescue of Xander in Consequences leads (or led) to a relationship between them. How does it affect their lives, their friends and whether or not Angel leaves (or left) Sunnydale? How does or did it affect Xander's view of himself as a former Angel-hatin' straight guy who got Angel sent to hell? Show as much or as little as you want in a slice of life between them."
Warnings: the event referenced, in the prompt, is taken as an isolated one. canon is twisted from anything before or after it. buffy and angel's romantic relationship is ignored completely, like it didn't happen; any past romantic relationships are pretty much ignored. canon is only involved in the set-up and basics. also, there are time jumps at the blocks of space, and obvious titles. characterizations and things like build-ups or lead-ins don't hold up as well as they should. every scene takes place in the library, unless stated otherwise. it's probably pretty much implied, but: angst.
Notes: i think it's about a little less, like learning and small progressions. or wanting someone to trouble you. awful things. the book Candide by Voltaire is mentioned; information on it can be found here. beta done by the amazing cordelianne. any mistakes are all my fault. try not to get your hopes up.