April 25th, 2011

pink, magnus bane

How to Keep Xander Harris Quiet / Snogging/Making Out ~ Xander/Angel : Xander/Giles ~ R

Prompts:20paperplanes prompt #19: Evening
Theme Set:20paperplanes Occasions
Title:→ Snogging/Making Out
Rating:→ R
Characters: → Xander/Giles
Summary : → Cultural Differences – Snogging or Making Out?
Notes/Warnings:→ N/A

Prompts:20paperplanes prompt #14: Soar
Theme Set:20paperplanes Random
Title:→ How to Keep Xander Harris Quiet
Rating:→ PG
Characters: Xander/Angel
Summary : From the right person, a kiss can make you soar......
Notes/Warnings:→ N/A