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25 May 2011 @ 07:14 pm
Title: Buffy and Xander as Role Models
Author: lusciousxander
Characters: Xander and Buffy
Summary: Joss wrote Buffy and Xander as role models and they've been my role models before I knew about this fact.

A) This is jumbled words of defense and not an essay.

B) Don't bash Joss, Marti or any other writer.

C) Try as hard as you can NOT to:
1) Take this post or anyone's comment personally,
2) Use inappropriate language,
3) Pick fights with other posters,
4) And please don't ridicule posters' lousy use of English or intelligence. Most of us are not native speakers, so be respectful please. Cordelia's tactless honesty is fun on screen, but it's really NOT when talking to real people.

Go and read me babble...Collapse )