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For the Love of My Brother: Rebirth (AU Spander, NC-17)

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Title: For the Love of My Brother: Rebirth
Author: Sharvie
Pairing: Spike(William)/Xander
Rating: NC-17
Summary: William and Xander are step-brothers left to their own devices while their parents are away.
Warnings: Brother!Kink, underage sex - the boys are in high school, bondage/dominance/submission, spanking, angst galore, first person POV, some other things I'm probably forgetting.
Feedback/Concrit: Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie (concrit in comments is fine)
Disclaimer: Not mine, wish they were
Betas: jans_intentions, myfeetshowit, and spikesgurl.

A/N: This is a chapter out of a much larger story that is sitting forlorn as a WIP on my hard drive. For those familiar with the story, in this section we skip ahead (in the past) and see the step-brothers coming to terms with their attraction in their own ways. For those unfamiliar, this can be read as a separate PWP and you do not need to read the previous chapters. However if you'd like to, I certainly won't stop you. *g* Previous chapters can be found here.

For the Love of My Brother: Rebirth

What should have been the best week of my life was spent either in front of the toilet, in the tub, or in bed. And not the fun kind of bed either. Of course Will had been right. I had the mother of all stomach aches and vowed to never eat batter again.

He tried to convince me to go to the hospital but I didn’t want anyone to know we were by ourselves for the week. It would manage to get back to our parents and they’d never leave us alone again. I couldn’t have that.

So I managed to not throw up on my brother too many times as he played nurse to my dying man. Most of the week was a giant blur. I had a bucket by the bed at all times, which Will took upon himself to empty and clean. After each losing battle with Mr. Tummy he’d stick me in the tub, wash my favorite pajamas, then dry me off and help me back into them. He knew the soft flannel always made me feel better, so it was the only thing I wore when sick. By the end of the week Will had to wash them so many times the color had completely drained.

Some people had comfort food, I had comfort pjs.

Sometime during the week Will decided he wanted to stay home from school to take care of me and went to pick up my homework. He brought home all sorts of stuff but I never saw it. He did all my homework for me. Being two grades ahead meant he just breezed through everything.

The one thing he did give me was an assignment from my creative writing teacher suggesting we keep a journal, something to help us write for the class. So Will had gone to his favorite bookstore on the way home and picked one up for me. It was gorgeous, dark brown distressed leather with a tie to bind it. But instead of the crisp white paper I expected, it had recycled paper, adding to its aged rugged appearance. Will figured it might give me something to do while I was stuck in bed and he was busy. But since he spent all his time with me, I never got the chance to use it that week.

It wasn’t until the end of the week that I was feeling well enough to get out of bed on my own. Just out of the latest bath, I slipped on my freshly laundered and faded pajama bottoms. Carrying my blanket and bucket I made my way down the hall to the entertainment room, where I could hear Will watching a movie. I froze when the screen came into view. It was one of my favorite pornos! The one I had put the note on only a week ago asking for “More of this, please.”

I walked forward completely mesmerized by the image on the screen; bodies writhing, hands grabbing, tongues dueling. Then I noticed Will on the loveseat in front of me and they no longer held my interest.

He had his dick in his hands, rubbing furiously, legs splayed wide open, head thrown back over the side, eyes closed in ecstasy. He must have sensed me because he opened his eyes, squeaked, and then quickly started to cover himself with a throw pillow.

“Xander!” he yelped, his face bright with embarrassment. We’d jacked off in front of each other countless times, why was this any different? And then it struck me as I watched the movie, my movie, out of the corner of my eye.

“You were thinking about me, weren’t you?”

“No!” he denied, but my brother was a horrible liar. He shifted uncomfortably, the pillow barely big enough to cover his lap, and his eyes darted back and forth from me to the screen. I could always tell when he was hiding something.

“Right.” I nodded and then proceeded to make a great show of sitting next to him, “So what are we watching?” I saw popcorn on the table and grabbed a few kernels before popping them in my mouth. They were cold and stale, but I chewed happily anyway. I enjoyed making Will squirm.

He squinted at me and then scowled, “Git, you know bloody well what we’re…” he grimaced at the slip, “I’m watching. You should be in bed.”

“Uh-uh! Not when you have this on! I’m not going anywhere!” I situated the blanket around myself comfortably and settled in for a good wank, should the need arise. And arise it was getting. The movie was fast approaching my favorite scene where one guy pushed the other onto the ground and prepped him for a good spanking. Harsh grunts were forced out of him as his ass was wrenched higher and higher, bending him almost double.

Suddenly silence descended as Will turned off the television.

“Hey!” What was he doing? I hadn’t felt this good all week and then he ruins it? Sometimes my brother was the biggest pain in the ass! I was so mad. He wasn’t going to hear the end of-

“Bed, now.” Will ordered, slow and deep. Who knew something so simple could have such a powerful effect? His voice, those two words, it sent shivers up my spine, making me harder than I’d ever been before. My brain stopped. I just sat there stunned.

Then my mind kicked into high gear and started racing at all the possibilities. My wildest fantasies were finally coming true! I practically spilled the pop-corn all over the floor as I bolted from the room, leaving my blanket and bucket behind, forgotten.

I ran into our bedroom and jumped into bed, my heart racing, my dick rock hard. I gave it a small stroke imaging it to be Will’s hand and stifled a groan. Just the thought that it, we, were finally going to happen almost made me come right then. I heard movement outside our door and waited.

The anticipation was killing me. A sharp, painful reminder of how skittish my brother truly was and that this might fall apart at any moment. Whatever happened now would forever change me, change us.

He turned the corner to stand in the doorway. He had haphazardly dressed, pulling on his jeans but not buttoning them and not bothering with a shirt. I only got a quick glimpse before he turned the light off thrusting us into darkness. All that was left to see was his towering silhouette.

I shifted uneasily on the bed and wheedled. “But I want the light on.”

“I don’t,” he said, once again in that hungry predator voice.

I couldn’t help the disappointment that lodged in my chest. I wanted all of him and I wanted it now! “But-”

“Shut up,” he commanded. I snapped my mouth shut with an audible click of teeth. “You’re on your bed.”

It wasn’t a question but he seemed to be waiting for an answer. “Yes?” I hedged.

“Don’t like it, get on mine.”

I didn’t think I could do the long jump till that second. In one leap I had situated myself on my brother’s bed. Give a horny guy the right motivation and he’ll find the ability to accomplish anything. Will was my Mt. Everest and if I had my way I was going to climb him. His gruff demands only managed to make me harder with every word. This was what I wanted, what I craved.

The shadowy figure that my brother had become slowly stalked toward the bed. With every tedious step my heart sped, my breath quickened, my dick grew harder. If he didn’t touch me soon, I was either going to come just from this or die of a heart attack!

Finally he ordered, “Roll over.”

I immediately did as I was told, and even raised my ass just a touch, pushing my chest into the mattress. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears as I pressed it into the pillow, trying to turn and look at him. I felt the bed tip with his weight but he still wasn’t touching me. I couldn’t hold back anymore and begged, “Touch me, please!”

“I…I can’t,” he sighed.

I tried to turn, to ask him what the hell!? But he laid a hand on my back and held me down.

“No!” he sounded panicked, unsure. “Don’t turn around. Stay like that.”

“Umm, if you aren’t going to touch me and I can’t move…what the hell are we doing?”

Sounding lost and confused, he whispered, “Don’t know.”

And it was then that I realized that he really didn’t know what was going on. All the times I thought he was in charge of the situation, the nights we stayed up and watched as we got ourselves off, it was something he had as little control over as I did. This attraction between us was something that we had both been fighting against.

In the week after Liam left, I hadn’t gathered enough nerve to ask why he brought home Liam when he could have just brought home a movie. Now I didn’t need to ask, he’d done it as reflex, grasping at straws, trying to find something, anything to make this not about us but just about sex. He could pretend for just a moment that he wasn’t as hot for me as I was for him. He was just a guy teaching his younger brother about sex. But since then, we’d crossed a line and I wasn’t going to crawl back over it with my tail between my legs. He was mine now and I wasn’t going to lose him. I wasn’t going to let him leave me.

“Will, please.” I arched back trying to get his hand to move.

“Don’t!” he croaked, his voice tight with emotion.

I froze, not wanting to upset him further. “Come on, Will, this isn’t working. Let me up.”

“I said don’t!” he growled as he gave me a hard shove.

“Not moving! This is me not moving.” I brought my hands up imitating a guy about to be arrested. It sure felt that way.

“Not what I meant.”

It took me a few minutes to work out what he wanted. He wasn’t making a whole lot of sense and his hand was starting to tremble. I wanted him, but not if it was going to drive my brother crazy.


“Stop calling me that!” he ground me into the mattress and shifted positions, bringing his knees up. He crouched next to me and leaned in. “I said don’t.”

Having all the pieces I needed to understand him now I tentatively asked, “Uhh, what do I call you then?”

“Not sure.” He paused, seeming to give it some thought then said, “There’s this bloke, hangs around with the seniors, tough, dangerous, carries a blade.”

I knew the guy he was talking about. He scared the shit out of me. I was pretty sure he wasn’t in school with us, I think he just liked to pick up on the girls. “What about him?”

“Name’s Spike.”

“Spike?” I wasn’t sure about this. He wanted me to call him by the name of the guy who I avoided at all costs. My mind was whirling with reasons Will was acting this way when I felt the bed shift again, he had swung a leg over and was now straddling my legs. His hands grabbed at my hips and pulled up until I had my ass raised in the air once again.

Then he leaned over and my skin hummed as I felt his confined erection slide into the crevice of my ass. “Yes,” he hissed out in my ear.

I shivered at the contact as my body took over any and all conversation and my mind shut down. “Spike?” I asked again.

He rocked his hips and groaned “Yes.”

“Spike?” I asked for a third time but now I knew what I was doing. I was testing it out, trying on the new name, seeing how it fit into my mouth. This was Spike and he, not Will, was who I was going to get in bed.

“Oh yes!” he roared as he grabbed a hold of my hair and pulled my head back, bringing his mouth to my neck and biting down. Now he was alive, on fire. Nothing of unsure Will remained. This was all Spike. I gave into the game.

“Spike!” I cried out, uncontrollably trying to hump into the mattress below me, but Spike’s hands held my ass in place.

I was lost in the feeling of being rubbed against, hands gripping me, holding me up, pinning me down, controlling me. One swipe, one bit of friction and I would have been done. Spike must have known that. That was why he kept me immobile. His tongue and teeth were marking me; I could feel the bruise forming. His teeth marks would last at least a week. I started to pant, sweat broke out all over my body, my legs were constantly trying to spread, but his body held me in place.

“Stop moving, don’t talk,” he breathed heavily into my ear and then bit down on the rim.

Instantly, I tried as best I could to stop everything. In the stillness my heart beat faster, my cock throbbed. I whimpered.

He shushed me and brought his hands up and ran them down my bare back, nails scratching as they went. He reached my pajama bottoms and ran each index finger beneath the elastic and down to my sides.

I tried hard not to but I arched into the touch and a tremulous whimper escaped my throat.

He chuckled, “Gonna like teaching you, pet.”

Pet? Where had that come from? I didn’t have much time to think about it when he took the back of my bottoms and pulled them slowly down, just to the crease where ass met legs leaving my dick still inside the front.

“Been bad, you have. Didn’t listen. You moved.”


“And now we’re talkin’, are we?”

I was noticing something that I hadn’t before. His accent had changed. It was deeper, thicker. My Will really was gone and in his wake was this sex god, who had me harder than Will ever did.

I stayed silent and hoped he would continue taking my bottoms down. But he didn’t. He instead took the fabric in his hands and tightened it around my hips, making me feel constrained, trapped, completely out of control. I loved it.

“Bad boys need to be punished, don’t you think?” He was holding onto the fabric with one hand and using the other to explore all over my exposed body. He’d ruffle my hair, pinch the hickey I was sure to be there, and then softly grazed over my back till he hit the crest of my ass. Finally he took one finger and slid it leisurely down my crack to poke lightly at my balls.

I buried my head into the pillow and groaned.

“Now, now. Who said you could make noise?”

I was close to tears, every inch of my skin was on fire. I wanted, needed him to just give me release. He took his finger out from between my legs and we stayed that way. Letting the silence fall around us.

Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore and tried to hump the mattress again. As soon as I did a hand came down and smacked against the fleshy part of my ass. Then without removing it he rubbed all around, I could feel all five fingers sprawled over my skin. I was near weeping from the agony of it. Then the fingers turned and sought between my cheeks. Again I tried spreading myself. I didn’t know how far Spike wanted to go but I’d do anything at this point.

He moved his fingers as if he was surveying a side of beef. He poked and prodded at my cheeks, my balls, my hole, nothing hurt but I was aching to have release. Finally with his fingers curled around my balls and his thumb resting over my pucker he whispered, “Who do you belong to?”

My mind was muddled, all I could think about was where his hand was and where I wanted it to be. I knew he had asked me a question so he must be looking for an answer. I stammered out, “You?” and hoped it was the right thing to say.

“And who am I?” he asked, tone low and dangerous. For a moment I almost believed it really was that dangerous guy from school.

I took a large breath to steady myself and to cover the small movements I was making with my ass, thrusting delicately back into his hand, in the hopes that he’d move it around and continue playing with me.

A hard slap stopped me cold and then he was tightening the fabric again, bringing it up so that it pulled against my balls sending a wave of delicious tension down to my toes.

“Who. Am. I?” he growled out from behind clenched teeth as he gave my balls a tug.

And wasn’t that an easy answer? As long as I’d known him, Will had never acted this way. No matter what we’d done or what we hadn’t done, he’d never been this forceful, demanding. He always took it all in stride. If we watched each other get off, great. If we didn’t, no problem. This was someone I didn’t know. Someone that scared me, but I knew it was still Will, deep down. I knew he wouldn’t hurt me, not really. Not unless I wanted him too.

He was just playing the game. The game that I had set in motion.

And my normally sweet, although at times a huge pain, brother just couldn’t do it. He couldn’t be Will and be with me. So he needed Spike. And that meant I needed him too. So I accepted Spike and took all that William could give.

A sinful smile crept along my face as I let the feelings of the night envelope me. I lowered my head onto the pillow and wiggled back slightly in the hopes of another slap. Spike didn’t disappoint. It was fast, hard, and brilliant. I gasped and hummed in pure delicious pleasure.

“You are purposely trying my patience!” he yelled. Then more calmly he said, “Bad boys don’t deserve to come. Are you a bad boy?” he said the last with a lilt in his voice. He was daring me to be bad! I could do that. I could so do that.

Watching as many porn movies as we’d seen I knew the next expected dialogue I was to give. But thinking it and saying it were two very different things. “I…I’m…” I trailed off as the words got stuck in my throat.

As a result the hand moved away from between my ass and began rubbing and pinching the flesh of my cheeks. I couldn’t help as I yelped out at a few painful twists.

“What was that?” he asked innocently as if he didn’t have me writhing under his fingers at the faintest touch. “Didn’t quite hear you.”

He plunged his hand between my legs and nudged them open so he could get a better grip on my balls. The soft fabric of my pajamas gave with a tiny rip and Spike clutched more of it to keep me in my place. God, he couldn’t have done anything sexier in that moment. He had me completely under his spell. “Ahhh, yeah,” I groaned, head twisting back, body strung tight, heart beating wildly in my chest, breath coming out in sharp painful gasps.

With this new surge of lust rampaging through my system I tried once again to say what had been running through my brain, “I’ll b-be…bad f-for you.” I inwardly cringed at my stuttering, but knew I had one more thing to add. “Spike.”

“Good,” he seemed pleased, releasing my balls to give my ass a few light pats as if I needed encouragement. Anymore encouragement and the bed would be soaked through; one giant wet spot coming up. Then he brought his hand back down, running his thumb over my hole and curling his fingers around the front of my balls. I was completely trapped. Oh, fuck yeah! I was tied down, not by ropes but by Spike’s fingers. He had as good a grip on me than anyone in those movies we loved so much.

“So,” he started soft, almost sweet, “when I tell you to come,” he gave my balls a tug, leaned forward and hissed, “who will you be coming for?”

I felt the heat sear between us, the flesh on his chest brushed lightly against my back and electricity sparked between us. I couldn’t hold back, couldn’t hold still. I didn’t want to. I bucked back and yelled, “You, Spike, always you!”

“Right you are, luv.” He nuzzled into my neck and practically purred, “So what are you waiting for?”

The contact was intense; he was so close I couldn’t think to breathe. My body was on auto-pilot, and now that I had his permission it was all systems go! I thrust forward into the mattress and back into his hand in a frenzy.

As the feelings overwhelmed me I howled, I moaned, I wailed. Tremors started from my legs and worked up until I was convulsing, hands gripping the sheet so tight my fingers burned. It was over in a flash. I came wildly, crying out my release and then slumping forward.

My favorite childhood pajamas now a mangled wet mess. As was I.

“Liked that, did you?” Spike’s hand still hadn’t moved. Through the entire time he had held on and just squeezed my balls in rhythmic time to my thrusts. Now he slid it away gently, every slight brush made me jump with the intensity.

“Roll over,” Spike breathed.

I didn’t know what to expect but did as he asked. I felt his hand on my belly, resting just above my spent prick still tucked inside my ruined pajamas. He dipped his finger under the stretched elastic and started swirling my come around.

Even though my eyes were open I couldn’t see him. The entire room was shrouded in darkness and yet he kept hidden in the shadows. I closed my eyes and let him take over. I’d let him do anything at this moment. Anything at all.

I felt something wet at my lips and flicked my tongue out. When the bitter flavor made me understand what it was and what he was doing I moaned, opening my mouth wider, allowing him to push in further. Inside of me.

Spent, overwhelmed, trembling, and still…Spike wasn’t finished with me yet.

His finger stilled and I didn’t have enough sense do to anything but lie there lax and pliable. He drew close enough for me to feel his breath on my face. Raw, commanding, he growled out an order.


I willingly obeyed.

And nothing ever tasted so good.

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