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Spring with Xander!

Harris in the springtime...

Xander Harris
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Welcome to spring_with_xan!

Each spring this comm celebrates Xander Harris, the heart of the scoobies. Our 2010 season is fast approaching and you can sign up now! Also, if you're interested, all of last year's contributions are listed here: 2009 Master List.

There are many ways to celebrate Xander here! Your post can be a one shot fic, a drabble, art, a vid, a chaptered story, or finishing a WIP, or any combination. Your post can also be an essay about Xander (eg. your favorite Xander scenes, why you like Xander, etc.) or you can share your favorite Xander stories ever and why.

All pairings, het, slash and gen are welcome. No character bashing please.

If you’re looking for inspiration, you can request prompts from the moderators when you sign up! There will be three free-for-all days throughout the celebration!

Sign-up Period: Sunday March 21, 2010 to Wednesday April 14 (and continuing throughout the fest, if there are blank days)


Posting Dates: Thursday April 15, 2010 to Tuesday June 1, 2010


1. To post, you need to join the comm so please do that here before signing up.

2. You must post on the day you signed up for unless you make other arrangements. No swapping or switching without prior notice and no late posting (except for time zone differences). If you cannot post on the day given, or have arranged with someone else to trade days, please email your mods (spring.with.xan@gmail.com) as soon as possible - at least 24 hours notice would be appreciated. If you do not provide 24 hours notice and do not post, you will out for the season.

3. The work you post must be original and created specifically for this comm. You cannot post or link to work that has already been posted or published elsewhere. It is fine to post new chapters of a WIP that you are completing as these are created for the comm. (see the next rule).

4. Posting an existing WIP is allowed – and encouraged! – as long as you are posting the final chapters to the comm (and link to previously posted ones). For example, if you have a WIP that’s been languishing and you’d like to finish it, you can sign up and use those dates as inspiration. In order for the fic to be allowed, you just need to post the final chapter by the last posting day.

5. As with WIPs, writing a fic in an existing 'verse is allowed provided that what's posted works as an 'end' should the author never write more in that 'verse.

6. Do not post or link to work that is not yours. Doing this will get you banned and reported to stop_plagiarism.

7. Use headers for your fic, including the title, pairing, rating, and any possible warnings. A cut and pasteable header example is here.

8. When you post, please ensure that you tag your work appropriately with your name, the type of media, pairing and rating in accordance with the comm’s tag style.
eg. creator: cordelianne, media: fic, pairing: spike/xander, rating: PG-13

9. Please try to get your fic beta'ed before posting.

10. If posting adult concepts or explicit adult content you must:
a) Label your post appropriately with ratings and (if applicable) warnings.
b) Select the appropriate LJ filter, ie. Either “adult concepts” or “explicit adult content.” It is your responsibility to ensure you do this when posting to the community.

11. Underage sex and bestiality are a no-go here. If you are writing a teen romance that’s rated teen or less, that’s absolutely fine.

12. If you were removed for violating a rule last season, you will not be able to sign up for a day this year. However, you will be welcome to participate on the free-for-all days and will be welcome back next year.

13. There will be a couple of free-for-all days during the fest. What does this mean? Everyone who's got something, post something. Make the last day of the fest a spammy orgy of Xander!

14. Have fun and remember that this is about sharing your love for Xander!

Please direct any questions, comments, or helpful suggestions to spring.with.xan@gmail.com .

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Your mods are cordelianne and reremouse!

Our fantastic and gorgeous new layout was made by katekat1010 from codes by minty_peach. Also katekat1010 is responsible for the wonderful graphics and icons for the comm, and the reason it looks so darn fantastic!

Thanks to darkhavens for her invaluable work reorganizing the tags. As well as her knowledgeable advice and suggestions!